2018/09/11 - iPhone

iPhone 1.0 was launched with the following set of features:

- Issue and pull request reports to get the full picture of all your projects
Anaxi’s reports are lists of issues or pull requests with customizable filters: labels, state, assignees, etc. Anaxi will set up all the reports you need in order to understand the state of your projects and your team’s work, but you can edit those reports as you see fit.

- Monitor the important issues
With reports, you can monitor the number of blocker or critical bugs and have a better sense of the quality of your next release or current version.

- Keep track of your own work and priorities
Anaxi gives you a quick access to the issues and pull requests assigned to you or that you created across all your projects.

- Support your team
Anaxi lets you select the team members for whom you want to see the distribution of issues and pull requests, so that you can see who you can help. Become a recognized contributor to your team.

- Understand the state of things at a glance
Customize the color indicators of your reports based on your deadlines, so they are displayed red when they should require your attention! These indicators will show you the state of your software development process at a glance!

- Easily manage issues on the go  
Update your issues as you see fit from the insights you got from the reports. Anaxi lets you structure your labels to make your issues easier to manage.

- The data security level your need
No information will be stored outside of your device or any server. Anaxi won’t have access to any of it. You can connect ALL your projects with peace of mind.

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