2018/11/14 - iPhone

Hey folks!

We’ve got quite a few things for you to nibble on this new version! Well I guess this will be the case for the next few versions as there are so many things we want to do!

Ok let’s dive in.

Yup, you read that right. You can now connect all your Jira Cloud and Jira Server accounts and add all your projects. We will import your favorite filters so you don’t have to port them. You will be able to edit them as you please, in a much more easier than on Jira itself!

A new metric we added to the pull requests is the complexity of the pull request, and therefore the risks associated with it. We compute this metric based on the number of files touched, the number of lines of code changed, whether the code is some refactoring, new code or code churn. This enables you to sort your pull requests based on their complexity and focus on merging the simplest one first for instance.

You will see your first charts. We compute the number of lines of code added and removed, the code churn and the effort in refactoring for the past week. This will help you understand your team’s work pattern, but also how much goes to pay down technical debt. We’re just getting started on this. Tell us what you think and what you would love to have!

If you go in the Settings and click on Support, you will find our new Knowledge Base. As we start to add more and more report types, we need to define more precisely what those reports are and how you can use them. You will also find articles on how secure your data is, how we access your accounts, etc.

And in this knowledge base, you will see a chat icon on the bottom right. Tap on it and you will be able to chat with us directly! If you hesitate to chat with us, consider that we feel lonely ;)

Something not in the app but that’s quite new. We now publish every week the top 5 articles on leadership, productivity and how to scale a team in a weekly newsletter that we named “Weekly Bytes”. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to it from our blog!

That’s all folks! We loved the feedback you gave us. Please give us some more. We know there is still a lot to do, so don’t hesitate to share your insights so we can prioritize better!

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