2019/01/28 iPhone

Our web app is now out! You can access your reports from your iPhone and from the web, but to do that, we need you to create an account! So here is what this new version is about:


The 1st time you open this new version, we will ask you (in the kindest way) to sign up to Anaxi.
Our goal is to allow you to access your reports on other devices using our new web app!

As before, all your reports and code data is computed from the device, they don’t go in our servers. The only data we keep in our servers are your Anaxi account information so you can log in on other devices. We will also keep the metadata of your reports and folders (not their content!), so we can offer you a synced experience between both apps.

Note that you can’t use Anaxi without signing up. We made it as easy as possible to sign up, just an email address to which we will send a magic link that you will use to sign in.

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