Add your first project

After you connect your tools, we ask you to select the projects that you want to track.

To do that, we will present your project with one single list and we will auto-select some, which you seem to be most active on. You can edit this list now or at any point in time after, from the Settings.

What we’ll do after you select your project
We’ll set up your account with a few default reports, taking into consideration the labels and filters the most used in the project, and the most active contributors in the project. You will be able to edit those reports very easily, if they don’t fit exactly with how you envisioned using Anaxi. Our goal is to get you started so you can see how we can help you in your work.

Any limitation?
You can connect any number of projects you work on, should it be 20 projects or just 1.

Data confidentiality
Note that for every project that you select, we don’t collect any information on your issues and pull requests. All reports are computed directly from our clients (iPhone, desktop native or web apps). So you don’t need to worry about getting the right authorization within your company (but if you feel you still do, please don’t hesitate!).

The only data we store
Here is the data we store, and why we store it. We never do anything because it serves the business, it must serve you first!

  • Your account so you can use the same account on several platforms
  • The description of your reports so we know which reports you have and offer you a synced experience across the different platforms. We don’t store any information on the value of the reports, so we don’t know what is going on in your team. We just know that you have this kind of report with these filters and options at this location.

Project management
You will be able to remove any projects anytime you want after that directly from the settings of the app.

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