How to connect your Bitbucket account if you have 2FA (Double-Authentication)?

If you use two-step verification to authenticate with your Atlassian Cloud site, then just inputting your host, email address and password won’t work to connect your Jira account to Anaxi.

What you need to do is to create an API token in your Atlassian account and use your API token instead of your password while trying to connect Jira on Anaxi.

To create an API token in Atlassian, you just need to go here. You will land on this page:

Then click on Create API token. You will see the following popup:

Just input a label (I personally put “Anaxi login”). Then you will have the ability to copy your new API token to your clipboard:

Our advice is to copy the API token in a safe place, so you can retrieve it anytime. Atlassian won’t give you access to it anymore later.

Once this is done, you just need to go back to Anaxi and paste the API token instead of your password in the Jira connection page:

And you’re done!

Just don’t remove your API token as it will disconnect your Bitbucket account in Anaxi and your reports won’t update.

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