How to set state indicator settings so they fit with my team and milestones

On the web app, when in a report detail page, click on the state indicator to edit its settings.

There are 2 different ways to set your state indicators:

You have an upcoming deadline
If you do, then you can add your deadline in the field “Due date”. In that case, the threshold you have for the number of remaining issues to solve will be per day until the deadline.

So let’s say your deadline is in 10 working days. And you still have 35 unresolved issues.
If you set the threshold to 2 (under which the report is green) and 4 (over which the report is red), the report will be displayed in yellow.

That’s interesting especially if you have an approximate view on the number of issues your team can solve in a day.

You don’t have an upcoming deadline
In that case, the threshold you set will be on the total number of remaining issues to solve. There is no “per day” consideration. That could be interesting if you want to evaluate the quality of your software, or to handle pull requests. For instance, you wouldn’t want to have too many pull requests not being reviewed.

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