How to use folders to better suit my needs

Folders in Anaxi behave like simple folders in your desktop Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows). The only difference they currently have is that they display the color indicator of their most alarming underlying reports.

If your folder is green, then you know that all its underlying reports are green. So you’re good to go.
If your folder is yellow, it means that at least one of its underlying reports is yellow, but also that none of them is red.
And if your folder is red, just check where the red is in the level below to identify the alarming report.

So if you have several level of folders, you will be able to spot the alarming report (displayed in report) in a glance, as you will know in which folder (and subfolder) it is.

Knowing this, you can structure your reports into folders as you see fit.

For instance, if you are a high-level manager, you might want to have a folder per big teams, and then a folder for each of the underlying teams. That way, you know faster how you can help.
If you are a contributor, you could just have one folder per project you work on.


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