I can't connect my Jira or Bitbucket account

It is possible that Jira or Bitbucket asks for a CAPTCHA to validate that you are a human. This in general happens if you made a typo in your password and try to connect again. Unfortunately, we don't support the CAPTCHA from our interface. To check this, try to connect in a browser where you are not already connected (using incognito mode can help).
If you see a CAPTCHA, then that is the reason why. But there is an easy solution!

Just connect to your account in the browser and try again on Anaxi just after. Indeed, when you connect your account, Jira won't ask for another CAPTCHA after some time, so trying to connect it on Anaxi will work.

If you don't see any CAPTCHA anywhere, then, please contact us at support@anaxi.com.
We will try to fix the problem for you. Note that we don't support Jira Datacenter yet.

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