No access to your issue-related data

Anaxi doesn’t import any of your pull request, commit or code data in its own servers. All reports are computed from the clients (iPhone app, web app, Mac and Windows apps…) directly.

To be more precise, we don’t even store any of your information on your phone or on a proprietary server. Instead, we only cache as little information as necessary (including your handles) and then pulls the rest of the information from your GitHub, BItbucket or Jira accounts as needed. That cache is encrypted on the phone. But for the most part, Anaxi simply relies on the GitHub, Bitbucket or Jira API to pull in data when needed.

There might be a bit of a trade-off here in terms of speed, but this also means you always get the most recent data.

We built Anaxi this way so you don’t need authorization from upper management or clearance from your security team.

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