Sometimes Anaxi is slow to load the data

There may be several causes to this:

1) The API of the tool used (Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket) is down or slow
Unfortunately, in that case, there is not much we can do, apart from waiting for it to be up again.
One way to check this is to load your project directly on this tool and to check if it behaves in a normal way. Don’t hesitate to chat with us, we can check for you.

2) You may have a slow bandwidth
We’re communicating with your tools’ APIs to produce the reports. So a slow bandwidth would naturally impact the speed at which the data is refreshed

3) We have lost the connection to your repo or ticketing tool
If your data is just not updating (you can see this with the color of the reports and folder being grey), then I would invite you to check this article: Anaxi seems to have lost connection to my repo or ticketing tool

If none of the reasons above apply, please contact us at
We'll do our best to reply in the next 24 hours.

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