What is Anaxi exactly?

Anaxi brings your engineering team's projects together onto one task management, analytics, and communication platform, for better prioritization and collaboration.

Traditionally, engineering had very little visibility on their actual output, the allocation of their resources, or the progress of their projects. Some level of reporting exists on top of the ticketing tool they used, but they are subjective metrics. But in most cases, people would just rely on their gut feeling and experience.

Anaxi is an organizational tool that pioneers 3 things:

  • a different way to manage work and prioritization for your team
  • a different way to measure productivity in software engineering
  • a different way to communicate within your team on your work but also on your team’s processes and productivity

Anaxi provides all members of the engineering organization the tools to find answers to essential questions:

  • How much of your team's effort is going to refactoring old code?
  • Did the change to our process have a positive effect?
  • How do Wednesday all-hands meetings affect productivity?
  • What were the 3 riskiest pull requests last week that could probably use an extra set of eyes?
  • Who in my team is stuck and needs my help?

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