Which data does Anaxi store in its servers?

The only data we store on our servers
Here is the data we store, and why we store it. We never do anything because it serves the business, it must serve you first!

  • Your account so you can use the same account on several platforms
  • The anonymized description of your reports so we know which reports you have and offer you a synced experience across the different platforms. We don’t store any information on the value of the reports, so we don’t know what is going on in your team. We just know that you have this kind of report with these filters and options at this location.

The data stored in the devices
We don’t even store any of your information on your phone. Instead, we only cache as little information as necessary (including your handles) and then pulls the rest of the information from your GitHub, Bitbucket or Jira accounts as needed. That cache is encrypted on the phone. But for the most part, Anaxi simply relies on the APIs to pull in data when needed.

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