Who is Anaxi for?

Anaxi is designed for all members of the software engineering organization:

  • individual contributors (including open-source contributors and maintainers)
  • engineering managers
  • product managers
  • program managers
  • tech leaders, including CTOs, VPEs, Directors

Basically, it’s for anyone interested to improve their individual productivity at managing their issues and pull requests. It's also for anyone tired of bothering colleagues to get some information or narrative accounts about the state of things.

As engineering teams scale, the visibility tends to fade with the increasing number of interdependent projects.
The larger the team, the harder it is to answer questions like:

  • What did we deliver this week?
  • How much burn went toward paying down technical debt?
  • Why is the release running late?
  • Did the process changes make things better?
  • How do I know when someone is struggling, and how can I help?

Each person in the organization can adapt the reports so they answer the questions that their level of seniority and management requires. Anaxi is as helpful for a contributor working on one project than an engineering manager overseeing a dozen projects.  

This is why we built Anaxi - to help data-driven engineering organizations that want to reach their highest potential.

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