I can't see my project listed

There are several potential causes if you don’t see your project listed:

1) You didn’t connect the right account
You can access your accounts in the Settings and double-check if you did. Note that for the moment, we only support one GitHub account, but you can add several Jira accounts.

2) For a GitHub project, you didn’t give the right organization access
When connecting your GitHub account for the 1st time, we ask you about which organization you would like to give us access to. If you removed some authorization and the project you’re looking for is there, you need to:

  • disconnect your GitHub account from Anaxi’s Settings
  • make sure you are not connected on GitHub in your Safari mobile
  • remove the Anaxi authorization from GitHub directly
  • connect your GitHub account again


If you see your project and it doesn’t sync, please check this article.

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